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Landlord Resources

There are many responsibilities and challenges that come with being a landlord. 

Owning rental property can be a very financially beneficial avenue, but it is not without its difficulties. Use the following resources to educate yourself about the proper way to deal with right of entry, tenants not paying rent,  eviction process and other issues landlords face. 


Tenants' Rights and Responsibilities

A Guide to Residential Tenants' and Landlords' Rights and Responsiblities.

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Landlord Training Program

The Landlord Training Program was designed to promote positive and responsible partnerships between landlords, tenants and San Diego Police.

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A Landlord's Right of Entry

Here are answers to frequently asked questions on a landlord's right to entry.

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Consumer Affairs on Landlord/Tenant

Gain insight to many of the issues facing landlords and tenants. 

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Apartment Association of Orange County

Membership in AAOC opens doors of opportunity as you seek to broaden your knowledge of the industry and maximize your potential as an industry professional. You will receive professional assistance that will help you acheive your professional goals. You can own or manage a single unit or thousands of units – AAOC offers something for everybody!

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