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Foreclosure Prevention

Facing a foreclosure is a scary time. 

Make sure you have the most up to date information and resources to help through this process. Foreclosure is the legal process that your mortgage lender uses to take your home when you fall behind on your mortgage payments. If you are faced with foreclosure, you can work to save your home-or at least limit the financial damage caused by foreclosure-if you understand your options and take the appropriate steps.


Free Home Ownership Help with Foreclosure

Having your house go into foreclosure is a financial disaster, but there are ways to avoid this if you are determined to save your house. A foreclosure can have long-lasting effects on your credit score, but just because you've missed a payment or you're about to miss a payment, you don't have to hand over your keys to the bank. Look into these options before your home goes into foreclosure. 

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Mortgage Help Resource Center

There are many options available to help you make your mortgage payments more affordable or to avoid foreclosure. Remember that neither Freddie Mac nor your bank wants your home – we want to work with you and keep you in your home.

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U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

Housing counseling agencies offer guidance on homebuying, renting, reverse mortgages and default and foreclosure prevention.

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Public Law Center on Bankruptcy

Now in its 33rd year of service, PLC works with 1,500 Orange County lawyers, paralegals, law students and others who volunteer their time and expertise to assist low-income and vulnerable Orange County residents.

Our clients’ cases cover a wide range of issues including domestic violence, human trafficking, guardianship, housing, health, bankruptcy, asylum, family law, consumer fraud and immigration. We also provide free legal advice and representation to Orange County non-profit organizations, so they can better meet their legal obligations and focus on providing services.

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Keep Your Home California

Eighteen states, including California, have been designated as “hardest hit,” either because they are struggling with unemployment rates at or above the national average or steep home price declines since the housing market downturn. The Hardest Hit Fund® was provided by the federal government to provide targeted aid to families in these states.

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