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First Time Home Buyer

Buying your first home can be an exciting time.

But it can also be a confusing time. With talk of credit scores, PMI, interest rates and affordability, the process can be overwhelming. Make sure you understand all the nuances of buying a house to ensure that buying a house is a good experience, and isn’t overburdened with difficulties. 


5 tips for first-time homebuyers

So you've decided to go for it. Buying a home can be thrilling and nerve-racking at the same time, especially for a first-time homebuyer. It's difficult to know exactly what to expect. The learning curve can be steep, but most of the issues can be resolved by doing a little financial homework at the outset.

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Rent vs. Buy calculator

For some people, buying their home makes the most sense, and for others, renting is best. To determine which is right for you, you first need to determine whether you can afford to buy. Then you need to consider other factors, including the time you'll stay in your new home, the home's prospects for appreciation and taxes. Utilize this calculator to determine which is best for you. 

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Mortgage Basics

The key in choosing a loan that best fits your needs is to evaluate your finances and choose the best type of loan that fits your budget and your long- or short-term investment strategy.  This site is to inform readers about the most common loan types available and to map out the pros and cons.

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Top 10 Tips for Homebuyers

Follow this list as go through the homebuying process.

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Affordable Housing Clearninghouse

The Affordable Housing Clearinghouse is a network of lenders, community groups, and public agencies dedicated to the creation of quality affordable housing. AHC provides mortgage loans, down payment assistance, home buyer education and homes for sale.

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