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September 9, 2015

VeeCee - Your Trusted Expert for all of Life’s Challenges

Adulthood is a difficult place. When we were young, no one warned us of all the challenges that we would encounter after we finished high school. Bills need to be paid on time. Securing safe and affordable housing mirrors completing a triathlon. And have you tried to read a credit report? It might as well be in Greek.

Bottom line, in today’s age, navigating life’s transitions is hard.

Sometimes it seems like our peers were born with an innate sense of how to manage adulthood. Do you want in on a secret? Everyone struggles to some degree when it comes to various obstacles that life throws us. The key is to seek out advisors to help with where you are in your journey.

At the Virtual Counselor Network (VCN), we know it’s daunting searching for a trusted advisor. Online results can lead to seedy salespeople looking to exploit you. The phone book doesn’t prove much better. You’ll end up on the phone for days vetting people.

To top that off, you do all that work to find someone who only specializes in one area. As you move through your journey, you will encounter additional challenges that require further assistance from another professional.

We wanted to create a better alternative to what sometimes feels like a rat race.

We created a one-stop to find trusted counselors to give you expert advice on all of your questions. Looking for fair housing? We pair you with a housing specialist. Want to reduce debt? No problem. We will match you with a financial coach.

You might be thinking this sounds too good to be true. Or, maybe you’re wondering how we can offer expert services across multiple fields.

We’re glad you asked! It’s all a part of our revolutionary platform. We partnering with countless nonprofits and organizations specializing in all industries. Each time you call us, our skilled intake specialists dig into the details of your situation. You are then paired with a counselor specially trained in your area of need. 

Sounds pretty cool right?

When you work with the VCN, you can rest assured you are being connected with trusted experts. We vet our counselors to ensure you receive the best service around.

Even better, this service is completely free! Yes, you read that one right. The VCN is a 100% free service. 

Our goal is to be more than a one-time resource. We want to help you with your challenges throughout your entire life. Let’s see how the VCN can help others just like you as they journey through life with the VCN at their side.

Meet Tina 

Tina moved to San Diego to go to college. As an exceptionally bright and dedicated student, she exceled in her engineering courses.

Fast forward a few years and now Tina is a proud owner of a college degree with honors.

Despite the degree, the job market proves challenging to land a job. It takes her several months before she finds work with a local engineering firm

While she now has a steady paycheck, Tina finds herself falling behind in credit card bills from her job hunting days. Add in her student loans coming due and you could call this a financial pickle.

Enter the VCN.

While looking for financial guidance, Tina comes across the VCN. Determining it was worth a shot, she calls the free number.

Faith, a friendly VCN intake specialist, greets Tina over the phone. Tina explains her financial challenges. Faith creates an online profile for Tina and sets up a follow-up appointment with a financial coach for the next day.

After meeting with the financial coach, Tina has a working budget and achievable plan to pay down her credit card debt and make her student loan payments each month. She meets with the financial coach two more times before she is confident in her abilities to do her budgeting solo each month.

When tax season rolls around, Tina finds herself again in a position needing help. Tina has never filed taxes alone before. Previously she used free resources at the college. She calls Faith from the VCN.

Faith seamlessly sets Tina up with the free tax assistance program the VCN hosts each year. After two meetings, Tina sends off her fully completed taxes.  

When Tina receives her tax refund, she has Faith connect her to her financial coach again. Together they create a plan for Tina to pay off more debt and save up for a down payment on a home. Planning ahead, Faith helps Tina enroll in a first time homebuyer’s workshop. This way, when she is ready to use that down payment she will be able to purchase a home she can afford.

Meet Jordan

Jordan is the proud new dad of a 3-month-old baby girl. Wanting to have a flexible schedule to enjoy more time with his little girl, Jordan decides to start a consulting business. As a first time business owner, he has no idea how to apply for a San Diego business license.

So he turns to the VCN.

Jordan uses the kiosk in a library near his home to connect with an advisor. Troy, another great VCN intake specialist, answers the Skype video call with a smile.

Jordan tells Troy about his dream to run a consulting business, explaining the challenges of not knowing where to start. Troy listens intently, understanding the specifics of Jordan’s story.

Troy checks the VCN system and sees that a business specialist is online at that very moment. Troy seamlessly brings in the business counselor into the video call. The counselor walks Jordan step by step through how to apply for a business license in San Diego.

A month later, Jordan is open for business with all the right paperwork filed with the city.

Fast-forward several years. Jordan’s consulting business is booming!

Wanting to diversify his portfolio, he invests in several real estate investments. This also helps supplement his consulting business and develop additional revenue streams.

Unfortunately, he is having trouble with one particular tenant. Since California has very specific rules on what a landlord can and cannot do, Jordan is worried about taking any actions with his tenant.

He turns to Troy with the VCN for help again. 

Troy welcomes Jordan back to the VCN! After listening to the details, Troy connects Jordan to a housing counselor who focuses on landlord/tenant issues. Jordan is able to get all of his questions answered in just a few moments. 

Troy goes above and beyond after Jordan’s questions are answered. Troy helps Jordan sign up for a landlord course being held at the end of the month. This way Jordan will have a solid understanding of all of California’s tenant laws and how to screen potential tenants. No more evenings spent worrying about bad tenants.

One Touch–Many Services

These stories are just a couple of examples of how powerful the VCN can be in your life. If you find yourself needing assistance or guidance, connect with one of our amazing VCN intake specialists. We have kiosks as entry points to make our services easy to use. You can also make a free phone call or connect online.

You can always count on them to be warm, friendly and listen to your challenges. They will then connect you with a counselor who can give you expert support on everything you are facing. It really is that simple.

Remember you don’t have to do it alone! You have the power of an entire network behind you.